A Better Heart with Better Treatment

March 26, 2020
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A Better Heart with Better Treatment

Kendilima Strategic Communication was honoured to be involved in the official opening of cardiovascular cluster of Metropolitan Medical Center Hospital, (23/01), which saw a big hopes from most of clientele’s patient and stakeholder as to answer the needs of one-stop solution for cardiovascular treatment.

In this event, Kendilima was responsible to spark public awareness on cardiovascular issue, which noted as the 3rd deadliest illness based by Kementerian Kesehatan Indonesia (Ministry of Health Republic Indonesia). The first aim was initiated a press conference by inviting senior cardiovascular physician to talk about coroner cardiovascular illness in conjunction with  the abnomarlity of heart rhythm.

The event was noted with major publication in Indonesia highlighting the information of Coroner illness in conjunction with arythmia (the abnormality of heart rhythm).


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