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Covid-19 Communication: What Should and What Shouldn’t

It seems obvious in these days people displaying their downturn and insecurities in the middle of global pandemic corona virus-19. Everyone seems exhausted, fragile, and the only thing in their mind is to save their relatives. The collapse of social trust is happening, and it’s not only impact in the social interaction with much of damage worsening if the organization rarely bats an eye to this problem.

The first and foremost, is we have to bear in mind Covid-19 is not an ordinary crises that mostly happened in our organization, likes natural disaster and fraud. It possibly never occurred in few decades. So it not very prudent for company, like single-handedly acting to be a hero to save the day. The first thing is how the organization to left out their single-minded thinking and more collaborations directly to the community. If I / we turns to they/them, our mindset will be designated in default to think, ‘what should they get for better preparation for the quarantine?’ It is a mindset to maintaining the trust, which will affect three value proposition of brands, as follows, promises fulfilled, expectations met, and values lived.

Those value were based how an organization wanting to do something, a caring display from company to do extra mile for the stakeholder, hopefully their family also does get influenced. Much of Indonesia Start-Up company has taken that approach in bid to gain positive representation amid a global crises cause of this virus pandemic. Donating a sum of money, limiting their monthly income for the most affected region are few approaches to show that your organization is care.

What Should and Shouldn’t
Every ears in Corona era a bit complex than common days, you ought to be carefully to presenting your proposal in order to prevent misreading of your stakeholder. Issue sensitivity is the key in this case, rehearsing everything (same thing like A/B test) before everything is finally out. Henceforth, these suggestion are might be useful for CEO or corporate communication team using for disseminate information:

1. Humanity first, then another follows. Showing an empathy for health workers, internal operation team, and maintenance support is an act to display a perception of how you treat them as humans, fragility here and there. As the implying message show you care, the next step is implementing a organization policy as to giving sense of security for public stakeholder and their close relatives. Message and direct policy are the key.

2. Here’s take my hand, let’s fight this thing together. By this, you are showing every problem can be done if we get each-others backs closely. Yes, we are a big company, but your participation is consequential in the long-run as this is our very dear problem.

3. Transparency gives a clear perspective. Every approach, another misconduct, and overwhelm over burden of tasks have to be unveiled as crystal clear as possible. It will show our organization integrity to the respective stakeholder regarding company crisis prowess and direct approach to forthcoming adversaries. (Yudha Ikhsan)

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